• Editorial: Prof. Siraj Syed, Consulting Editor
  • sirajsyed@nrizone.com
    In early 70s, having graduated in Science from the Mumbai University, Siraj followed his brother’s footsteps, and joined the production team of Ameen Sayani, India’s best-known broadcaster. Here he wrote, spoke for and produced several thousand radio programmes and advertisements, and also found time to do various diploma courses and obtain a degree in Law.
    From the mid-80s, he held editorial positions in a succession of publications, and contributed as a freelancer too. Over the years, he has written some 5,200 pieces, for around 250 publications.
    In 1996, he joined ESPN TV to set up a Hindi sports channel in Singapore, for satellite TV audiences in India. The assignment lasted a year. He continued in Singapore for another seven years, last serving as Chief Copywriter, Senior Editor and Head of Public Relations in a local Singapore company.
    Back in India, he lectured at several media and communication institutes in Mumbai, Neral and Pune, during 2005-15.
    Nowadays, he freelances as a copywriter, writes scripts for radio-TV-video, attends film festivals regularly, acts as master of ceremonies at various events, and writes the occasional column for local and international publications. Since 2014, he is the India Correspondent of
    FilmFestivals.com, Paris.
     In 2008, he was honoured by the President of Italy, with the Order of the Star of Solidarity with Italy (OSSI), in recognition of his contributions towards promoting Italian performing arts and cinema. Besides the media and performing arts, his hobbies include reading, travel and cricket. He is a confirmed bachelor, and lives in Mumbai.
    Siraj speaks fluent English, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Bengali and French. He understands Marathi, knows Persian, and, in Singapore, learnt a smattering of Mandarin Chinese, Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia.
    As a writer/editor, these are some of his achievements since 1988:
    ·         Festival Correspondent, Daily contributor, Press Information Bureau (PIB), Mumbai
    and Festival News (official daily bulletin of Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) 2016
    ·         India Correspondent of FilmFestivals.com, since 01 January, 2014
    ·         Contributor, IFFI Daily, official publication of the International Film Festival of India, Goa, 1987-2015
    ·         Wrote the researched history of Famous Recording Studio, for a commemorative booklet, 2013-14
    ·         Cover story, ‘100 years of K.M. Philip’, patriarch of the rubber industry, Rubber India monthly, June 2012
    ·         Film critic and correspondent, Filmfestivals.com, Paris-based International website, 2008-15
    ·         Special Correspondent, covering the International Film Festival of India, for Kinema, published from Canada--2004-06.
    ·         Contributor, Indian Airlines’ in-flight magazine, Swagat, 2007-2010.
    ·         Senior Editor, Grace Communications Pte Ltd, Singapore, publishers of magazines, newsletters, catalogues, brochures, annual reports, fliers, advertisements, etc.-2002-03.
    ·         Deputy Editor, Asia Pacific, Chemical News & Intelligence (CNI), Reed Group, headquartered in London, with branches in Houston and Singapore-2000.
    ·         Editor/Contributor/Correspondent, Newscom Pte Ltd, publishers of trade magazines, IT Singapore, IT Asia, eWeek and Channels Asia-1999.
    ·         Contributing Editor, First Asia Publishing Pte Ltd. Ltd., publishers of trade magazines, Asian Timber, Asian Dentist, Hospital Products Asia, FoodTech Asia, Paper Asia and Asian Water, Singapore, 1998-99.
    ·         Executive Editor—TV & Video World (India’s first TV & Video monthly)-1987-88.
    ·         Founding Managing Editor and later Contributing Editor—Playback & Fast Forward, (India’s first music monthly)-1986
    ·         Editor of Scientific and Economic books and journals at World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd, Singapore-1997.        
    ·         Columnist—Movie, India’s leading film glossy monthly, 1989.
    ·         TV, Audio and Video Critic—Screen weekly, Bombay, 1989.