Indian Media Institute Rankings, 2016

Indian Media Institute Rankings, 2016

Media education in India was confined to a handful of institutes, till the boom hit the industry, in the late 80s. Growth continued all through the 90s and 2000s, and now we have several hundred of them all over the country. Earlier confined to the metros and Mumbai’s satellite town, Pune, they have now proliferated to all nooks and corners.


With so many campuses to choose from, ranking studies/polls have become very popular. Top newspapers and magazines, that earlier restricted such studies to Management and Technical Studies, now cover media as well. One reason for this broadening of ambit is that reputed institutes and universities, that hitherto did not include media in their curriculum, are increasingly doing so. The other is that full-time, 2-year and 3-year media courses, both under-graduate and post graduate, almost unheard of till the 90s, are the order of the day in the new millennium.


One such poll was conducted recently, by Event Capital, a division of Laqshya Event IP Private Limited. Called the Edutainment Awards, they covered Media, Design and Communication Education. Two veterans led the project: Prof. Ujjwal K. Chowdhury, former Dean of Symbiosis (where Siraj was invited to conduct a script writing workshop, across three media, during UKC’s time) and currently, Director, Unitedworld Media School; and Deepak Choudhary, an entrepreneur, formerly of Greycells Education Media, EMDI Institute of Media & Communication (where he first met Siraj), & Fatcat Café. He is a Director at Lakshya Event IP.’s Consulting Editor Siraj Syed was a member of the nation-wide jury, but even he had no clue about the results, which were compiled and collated online, by the world-renowned firm, KPMG. Results were announced at a five-star hotel in Mumbai, and some of the jury-members were invited on stage, to give away the awards, including Syed, who has lectured at three of the institutes that made it to the top levels in the final table: Symbiosis, Xavier Institute of Communications (XIC) and FLAME. In fact, he began his career as a lecturer at XIC in 1982, while still a student there. In 1984, he also devised, designed and conducted the only course of its kind, Announcing, Broadcasting, Compèring and Dubbing (ABCD), a one-man show, for 14 years. contributors Reetu Asrani and Hariharan are among his students.


We thank Prof. Chowdhury, who is also the EditorialDirector of the Edutainment Show, for readily giving us permission to upload the findings of the poll. Since they are scanned from a print version, the quality of the images may not be optimum, but we are sure you can read them with not too much difficulty. Try the magnifying option, if you need.


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