About Us

A non-resident Indian is a very special Indian.


A negative definition would normally connote the absence of a particular attribute. But in the case of a non-resident Indian, it invests the subject with a host of qualities and attributes which distinguish him from the general class. An NRI is one, who has left the familiar terrain of his home country, to make a home for himself in an alien land. He is a pioneer. He is an adventurer. He is a risk taker. He is an entrepreneur. He is a self-appointed ambassador of India, in whichever country he resides. He is the identity of India. He is the character of India. He connects India with the world. And nrizone.com is an attempt to provide the non-resident Indian a connection with India. 


It is true that the revolutionary growth of the means of communication, in the last two decades, has shrunk the world into a global village, and people find themselves very close to one another, despite physical distances. An event in a remote corner of India can become a headline in all the major capitals of the world in a matter of seconds. Internet, mobile connections, and their innumerable applications, ensure that you can be in a second-to-second contact with your near and dear ones, even if you have traversed thousands of miles away from them. But all this connectivity cannot take away the fact that there are twenty-four long hours in every day, and when you get up in the morning and have your cup of tea, you will miss the hard copy of the Indian newspaper which brought you more than just news. It was a lot of things, wrapped in a few pages. Scanning the pages was a good part of your life. And if not anything, it was habit. That is why, whenever you are back in India, you ensure that you are delivered the newspaper every morning. And the magazines--weeklies, fortnightlies and monthlies.

nrizone.com will try to make available to you some of what you miss. It will be different from other Indian online publications and magazines, inasmuch as it is designed to cater to NRIs and will, therefore, provide information from the NRI’s perspective. Moreover, it will provide a platform to NRIs to interact among themselves, and write about matters that concern them. Our constant endeavour will be to get the NRIs to use this space to articulate and participate

Obviously, our success will totally depend upon how well you respond to this initiative, and how much you contribute to make nrizone.com a lively, interesting, educative, knowledge-based, interactive forum.

NRIs are not a homogenous group. Those just across the Arabian Sea, in the Gulf States of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaima, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, and across the Bay of Bengal, in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, then up in the United Kingdom, and crossing the Atlantic, in the United States of America and Canada, and then again down under, in Australia and New Zealand, in the various African countries--they are all totally different in their profiles, depending on which part of India they came from. Their food habits, their professions and work skills, their income levels, their lifestyles—everything varies substantially. But despite these differences, they represent a unity in diversity--they represent India. The NRIs are united in a nostalgic craving for their homeland, and their love and longing for their motherland.


Sometimes, in a faraway land, when you suddenly bump into a fellow Indian, your eyes light-up. You form an immediate bond. You get/give directions, you exchange notes, you ask for/offer help...you are so happy to have found a little bit of India so far away from home. We hope that is what you will feel every time you log on to nrizone.com. We hope you will always think of us as NRIs own.